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Soar Cat

Der Soar-Katamaran ist praktisch, schnell aufgebaut und verspricht unendliches Wasservergnügen.

The SOAR Cat is easily inflated and assembled in 15 minutes and will delight the sportsman or adventurer with its ability to glide smoothly across lakes, access shallow creeks and streams, and run big whitewater rivers. The smooth tapered shape of the tubes makes the SOAR Cat fast, maneuverable and incredibly stable.

Designed to be paddled with a kayak paddle, it is perfect for beginners as well as experienced paddlers.

Soar Kat Gruppe

Technische Angaben:

Länge 365 cm
Breite 86 cm
Gewicht 12,7 kg
Schlauchdurchmesser 30 cm
2 Luftkammern
Zuladung: 227 kg oder 2 Personen
Packmaß 25 x 40 x 60 cm

Preis:    1.195 Euro

Soar Katameran


Soar Kat Paket          

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